Your family and friends will thank you!

We believe that PARTIES are the most powerful way to share the message and resources about harmful chemicals in personal care products. Parties provide the best service and customer experience for you and your guests. Parties are the most effective way to reach the most people.

This is why we take great care of our HOSTS and thank you richly for opening up your home, place of business or anywhere that people can gather.


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    It's a learning experience – Invite your family and friends to learn about valuable wellness information and resources.

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    Ava Parties are fun – Our parties give people a reason to connect in this crazy busy world we live in. Pause and party with a purpose. Because our parties are short, powerful and purposeful — there is plenty of time left to catch up with friends and just be social.

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    We make it convenient – Orders are shipped to the customer or Consultant directly. Plus, you can collect outside orders and have them count for your party — anywhere in the U.S.

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    Earn generous Host Rewards – We thank you for hosting with our generous Host Rewards Program. An average Ava Host earns $100-$200 in free and discounted products.

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    Special purchase Host Only Exclusives – We offer you a choice of select Host Exclusive Gifts available only to our Hosts. This is one more way we treat our Hosts specially.

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    Guests try before they buy – Guests engage by touching, trying, smelling the products before they buy. This activity is always a hit at parties.

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    Monthly Customer Specials – Guests get the advantage of monthly customer specials. Everyone appreciates the chance to save!

Ava rep Anna

“As a mother of two boys under 3, Ava’s message hit home and I knew I just had to share it with everyone. I love the products and the message so much that I have hosted five parties and more are in the works! Sharing Ava’s message and products with everyone I know is a great way to keep my house stocked with free products, while making a difference in my friends’ lives”— ANNA M., NH