We wanted to offer you a plan that richly rewards you for your efforts and makes it worthwhile to build your business over time. We analyzed the best practices from our extensive experience (see ABOUT US) and collaborated with leading industry compensation experts to produce a leading edge plan that includes generous and creative features, while excluding out-dated, negative concepts.


  • 1

    EARN on personal sales – 30-50% depending on your monthly sales and party activity, paid weekly.

  • 2

    Sponsor Consultants, earn immediately – Earn up to 9% on your group sales / up to 3 levels

  • 3

    Advance to Executive, earn more – Receive an immediate $500 Executive Bonus upon promotion, and continue earning on your entire group. Plus, qualify Consultants in your Group to become Executive and earn a $500 matching bonus every time.

  • 4

    Earn Generation Commissions on your Executive Groups – Earn on up to 5 Generations of Executive Groups deep.

Note: Group Bonuses paid on Group Volume. Compensation depends on Rank and Qualifications. For more details, contact your Consultant or contact

Key Advantages and Principles

This is a people and parties business with a clear purpose. Your Sponsor and upline Executives are rewarded for helping you succeed. We believe that parties are the most effective and efficient way to produce the most income in the least amount of time while providing the best customer experience.

Grow your business and income based on your efforts, goals and schedule. Benefit from the leverage of building a business that is larger than yourself. You are rewarded financially when you sell, lead, and help to develop others.

Advance at your own pace. No penalty, and no group loss if your Consultants promotes faster than you. No “breakaway”, “pass-by” or “promote out” features. We compensate you for guiding a new Consultant to success! Grow on your timeline and increase your earning as you build a business without limits. It’s your business, your way, on your schedule.

Ava rep Andrea with her daughter


“I am a single mom of a toddler, with a full-time job. With Ava, I have found an incredible professional opportunity that I knew right away would not likely come around again in my lifetime. To me, Ava Anderson represents a health message that effects all of us, a high quality and affordable alternative, an incomparable compensation package and for me, a new chapter in my life. I've always been a dreamer, but with Ava I have become a BIG dreamer. The best part? I'm watching those dreams come true every day. With a clear vision, strategy and consistency, my Ava business has sky-rocketed in under a year.”

Ava rep Edna

“I came to Ava with 40 years of direct sales experience. I started my career with Ava’s grandfather and would love to retire with Ava. As Oprah would say, “coming full circle.”

I find Ava to be an exceptional business opportunity for someone starting a career and a great company with which to build and develop. I am married and have a lovely daughter who was raised in the industry. This is the perfect business in which to raise your children. This business can and will change your life. It is a great opportunity tor women to have it all — family, career, and a six-figure income. In the pas 40 years, so many of my dreams became a reality, and I know that with work and perseverance your dreams for you and your family will come true.” — EDNA LOYA